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Charlene Wheeless

Best-Selling Author of “You Are Enough” A Senior Advisor for Equity and Justice at APCO Worldwide; and Fortune 500 PR counselor.

“Every now and then, if you ‘re lucky, you read a book that stays with you long after you’ve finished it. Moe Fields is that book for me. It is beautifully written…

Elsie Maio

Global Branding Expert originator of “Soul Branding” wrote,

“I have not come across a story in 20 years that has been more rewarding – and touched my soul like this one. I laughed and I cried as Stu’s gripping narrative told this story of family struggle and ...

Andy Polansky

Executive Chairman/CEO Weber Shandwick (recently retired)

“Goldstein applies his gift of storytelling to bring us the story of Moe Fields, a gripping narrative about a father’s extraordinary work ethic and indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.

Donald H. Harrison

Editor/Publisher of Jewish World magazine (Calf)

“This is a powerful book, a story about a man who fought and loved fiercely, and the impact he had on the lives of his three sons. If other men who read this book are like me, they’ll find themselves reflecting on their own ...

Patrick Donovan

Managing Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson former City Editor of The Guardian, UK

“Stuart Goldstein tells the tale of Murray Goldman, a young boy born in the hardscrabble Williamsburg quarter of Brooklyn during the 1930s. There are echoes of Steinbeck's novels in his...

Sheri Hoyte

Managing Editor, Reader Reviews

"If you haven't read Moe Fields, I highly recommend you pick up a copy. Easily one of my favorites this year!... Moe Fields is a touching tribute to fathers and family. It brings up all these feelings and reads like a novel. ...


The book, Moe Fields – the special bond between fathers and sons asks some fundamental questions: Why is a father important? How do we honor their love? What will be your legacy with your own children?

We may not recall the coaching and instructions our fathers gave us over the years …or those we give our own children. But what we do remember are the silent values they shared with us, the unspoken example of hard work, sacrifice and unconditional love.

Read Moe Fields. You will laugh, you will cry, and most importantly you’ll be inspired.

Amazon Readers Review

Myrna Kimmelman

Incredibly touching book. A true tribute to fathers and sons. amazon-rating

I loved this book! Moe Fields/Murray is as big and inspirational as any hero in contemporary literature. From running away to join the circus to boot-leg boxing to serving in World War II and overcoming two brain


Story of a strong, determined, fearless, decent man and his family. amazon-rating

This book grabs you from the first page, Moe's life is the stuff movies are made of. From a boy growing up during the depression, running away to join the circus, to becoming a boxer to his heroic time spent in the Navy. ...

Patricia Mabis

A Story I will Never Forget amazon-rating

Stu is an amazing storyteller who knows how to evoke emotions with the written word. Not only was this novel entertaining, but relatable, capable of provoking an array of emotions and presented a story about life that I will never ...